Speech and Drama Workshops

Discover a practical and powerful toolkit of communication and performance exercises and techniques that will improve your confidence and ability to connect with your listeners


Speech and drama skills are incredibly useful in our careers and everyday lives. Speech and drama skills help us to educate, persuade, entertain, encourage, inspire and enlighten each other. 


Our speech and drama workshops are best for those looking for specialized, intensive, and brief training. It’s perfect for organizations looking to enhance their team's communication or performance skills. Workshops are ideal for any organization where communication is critical to their success. It's great for: businesses, churches, clubs, unions, societies, government organizations, NGOs, charities, etc. Participants will leave equipped, empowered and inspired.

Public Speaking & Acting Workshop for Communicators




  • Become a more confident and compelling communicator or performer.
  • Perform powerful poetry and dramatic works including Shakespeare.
  • Grow your creativity, imagination, and expressivity with fun improv games.
  • Manage fear, nerves, and anxiety with performance relaxation techniques.
  • Enhance your ‘presence’ with posture, breathing, and voice techniques.
  • Learn from highly qualified, passionate, and professional performing artists.


  • Location: Yours or ours
  • Duration: 1.5 - 3 hour session (flexible)
  • Number of Participants: Min 6, Max 12
  • Date & Time: We're flexible! Call to discuss.
  • Price: Starting from $150 
  • Non-Profit Discount: 20%
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Poetry, Drama & Improv Workshop for Seniors

Our Poetry, Drama & Improv Workshop for Seniors is a highly engaging, entertaining, and educational activity for Seniors. Our workshop provides the opportunity for participants to practice performing powerful poetry and dramatic works from the great modern and classical authors such as Shakespeare. Entertaining improv games further stimulate their imagination and creativity. Healthy posture, breathing and vocal use will also be explored. 



  • Location: TBD
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Number of Participants: 6-12
  • Date & Time: We're flexible! Call to discuss.
  • Price: Starting from $100
Poetry, Drama & Improv Workshop for Seniors Info Poster
Speech & Drama Workshop for Seniors Info
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Speech & Drama Training

Developing confident & compelling communicators & performers