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Who is the training ideal for?

Anyone who values good communication! But the training particularly benefits: Students, Teachers, Pastors, Speakers, Salespeople, Fundraisers, Lawyers, Broadcasters, Performing Artists, etc.

What are your qualifications?

Our coaches are all passionate and highly qualified, with valid DBS Certificates. Our coaches hold degrees from prestigious schools like the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and London College of Music. With a growing body of professional experience, they are continually testing, refining and improving their skills. 

What will I learn?

It depends on your needs and goals, as we tailor lessons and workshops to you. Generally, though we will always look at the basics of strong communication including vocal, physical and emotional expression, managing nerves, and audience engagement tools. Learn more under our Coaching section.

What's a communication coach?

A communication  coach develops your ability to connect with and inspire those around you.


We focus on helping you to deliver stronger school or professional presentations, media creation, speeches, interviews, debates, lectures, sermons, announcements, readings, meetings, conferences, press releases, and so on. 


Our coaching is grounded in time-tested and proven drama techniques that focus on developing your ability to connect with people.  

How do I pay?

Payment is done conveniently and securely online through PayPal. An invoice will be emailed to you after your booking is confirmed. Payment is in advance and secures your booking.

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Communication Coach UK | Online

 Communication Coach UK | Online