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Discover a practical and powerful toolkit of communication and performance techniques that will improve your ability to connect with and inspire your audience. 


From presentations to meetings to interviews to our everyday relationships, the importance of communication skills cannot be understated. These skills help us connect, entertain and enlighten one another and add tremendous beauty, depth and richness to our lives.  


Come explore skills used by captivating communicators and performers around the globe, and discover for yourself the power of elevated communication.

Session Topics

PRESENTATIONS & SPEECHES - Learn how to communicate clearly and confidently.


VIDEOS & PODCASTS - Learn screen and mic techniques to speak clearly and confidently whilst on camera or on a podcast or on the radio.


INTERVIEWS & MEETINGS - Learn how to think quickly and speak clearly and confidently.


NEGOTIATION & SALES - Learn how to listen closely, think creatively and speak influentially.


IMPROVISATION - Learn how to listen closely, think quickly, creatively and imaginatively.

STORYTELLING & DRAMA - Learn how to communicate emotionally, imaginatively and compellingly. 


LEADERSHIP & TEAM BUILDING - Learn to develop greater trust, understanding and effectiveness.


  • Improve your confidence, expressivity and connectivity with important movement, breathing, voice and acting techniques.
  • Manage fear, nerves, and anxiety with empowering performance relaxation techniques.
  • Enhance your presence and openness with imaginative and practical pyscho-physical drama techniques.
  • Strengthen your spontaneity, creativity, and imagination with energizing and exciting improvisation games.
  • Discover how to craft captivating stories by exploring essential story elements, structures and patterns.
  • Practice speaking and performing diverse literature forms such as poetry, speeches, short stories, novels, plays and screenplays.
  • Learn from highly qualified, passionate, and professional performing artists who teach with great care and respect.
  • Option to earn qualifications with global recognition and respect through LAMDA Examinations.

Who is it for?

Communication skills are essential for everyone, but we most commonly help students and professionals looking to deliver stronger presentations, meetings, interviews, talks and speeches. 

Why choose us?

  • Our training is grounded in proven approaches used by world-class professional communicators and performers. 
  • Our coaches are highly qualified, talented, and passionate professional performing artists with valid DBS Certificates. 
  • We make the learning environment as safe and nurturing as possible by developing and cultivating an atmosphere of trust and respect amongst learners. So you can explore and take risks and practice the power of vulnerability. 
  • We make it fun. Really fun. Laughter is a common side effect, and strongly encouraged. 
  • We offer the option to earn qualifications with global recognition and respect through LAMDA Examinations.


Choose between Online Coaching, School Workshops or Corporate Workshops.

Online Coaching

  • Tailored to your goals
  • 45 min sessions
  • Conducted Online via Zoom

School Workshops

  • Specialised intensive session
  • 1-2 hour sessions
  • Delivered at your school

Corporate Workshops

  • Specialised intensive session
  • 1-2 hour sessions
  • Delivered at your Office


"I want to thank you so much for teaching our kids the last couple months! We are enjoying playing the games and exercises most evenings and showing a lot of friends. I don’t know if any will ever pursue a career in the arts, but the skills these games and exercises you teach (listening, building on someone else’s idea, public speaking, spontaneity, teamwork) seem to be so important to whatever vocation or situation they will find themselves in going forward."


-Dan H.

"Six months ago my daughters started taking private lessons with Chad, the head tutor at The Art of Speech and Drama.

Our girls have since gained tremendous interests and confidence in public speaking.  They enjoy reciting poems/speeches in a fun and yet structured public speaking class with Chad. They have become more confident when it comes to school plays and class project/presentation.  Thank you Chad for being patient and inspiring for our girls.  They will always remember all the little tricks that you taught them before they stand up in front of their classes!!"


- Carmen L.

"Working with Chad was great :) I recommend him to anyone! I was preparing for an audition, and with Chad's help I got accepted into the art school. His teachings made me feel comfortable, and he helped me a lot with my voice work. I will defiantly be using him again in the future."


-Theana D.

"I was looking for a way to be more comfortable when public speaking and in social situations.


As someone who works in an office every day I was a little outside my comfort zone signing up for a speech and drama class.

Chad made me feel very comfortable and I found the course materials and exercises very helpful and practical. This course provides me with useful tools which can be applied in various social environments. I'm really happy for what I got out of this course!"



"I came to Chad with a rather unique conundrum: how to present in front of camera with more confidence on YouTube.


Chad was able to take this modern take on the form of speech & drama and employ holistic techniques that helped improve not only my confidence but, more importantly, my performance. Taking out the stress, adding personality, identifying my audience: turning that inanimate lens into a person I can connect with at a human level." 


- Rob W.

"Acting lessons were on my list for a long time. Being a financial analyst, I need to present the results of my work on a regular basis. In addition, certain projects require intense collaboration between teams and gaining full support from the team leaders. Which sometimes is not easy (especially for a non-native speaker) and requires playing different roles with different people (sounds like acting, hah?).


My initial intention was to take a series of acting classes for the purpose of building my presentation skills only. I wanted to feel a little bit more relaxed and confident while expressing my ideas to the audience. However, working with Chad on various techniques opened a whole new world for me. In the business world people tend to suppress their emotions in order to look “professional”. During the first class I realized how narrow my emotional spectrum is in communication and expressing myself. Leaving my comfort zone and visualizing different characters, which are on the other end of the emotional spectrum, really moved the needle in my communication skills. Not mentioning that all those exercises were a lot of fun. Thanks Chad!"


-Dmitri S.

"I reached out to Chad to improve my public speaking skills, as it is one of the most stressful demands of my professional work. What I didn't expect was to feel inspired, empowered, and encouraged to let my true self shine in ways that have impacted my both my personal and professional life. Chad created a safe, comfortable, low-pressure environment for me to grow and learn. His personal story for how he became involved in his work really resonated with me, and his passion, dedication, commitment and belief in his work is obvious and contagious. Chad incorporated an excellent variety of theory, practical exercises, breath work, theatre and improv techniques, and many more tools that made each lesson feel valuable and fun. I looked forward to every class with Chad, and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!"



"I am returning to school for a new career path, but the thought of speaking up in small groups or doing presentations in front of a class frightens me. 

I didn't know what to expect or if I would be able to change myself. Chad's patience and calmness helped me relax as he listened attentively to why I needed his lessons.


Throughout the lessons, he kept encouraging me that there is no right way or wrong way of trying out things, only a fun way. As I practiced the techniques Chad showed me, the more I became aware of how my surroundings affect my emotions. At first I thought I need to change myself, but in the end, all the self-awareness made me realized that I just need to be more of myself and don't be afraid to express who I am.


After that realisation, I can control the volume of my voice better and I can calm myself faster in group settings. I had a lot of fun and I am forever grateful to have the lessons with Chad."


-Shirley Y.

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