Our Story

We love stories. Really love stories. Just like you. We're hard-wired for them. It's part of our make-up. Our DNA. It's how we learn, laugh, and live. Find out the story behind us.


Sometimes how something is done is even more important than what is done. Our fun, dynamic and encouraging approach gently expands people's creativity, expressivity, and confidence. We carefully create and sustain a supportive, encouraging, and explorative learning environment that frees learner's to experiment, take risks, and grow. 

Our Team

Our tutors are highly qualified, talented, and passionate practicing professionals in their fields. Our tutors hold degrees from prestigious schools and a growing body of professional experience. They are continually testing, refining and improving their skills. Skills they then share with you. Their passion is contagious, so watch out! 


We love questions. Especially good questions. They can be the seed of great art. So explore our Q&A to learn more about us, or drop us a line if you still have a question. Bonus points for the good ones!

Speech & Drama Lessons

Developing Skilled, Confident & Compelling Communicators & Performers