Discover the Power of Speech & Drama

Developing Skilled, Confident & Compelling Communicators & Performers


We help people become skilled, confident and compelling communicators and performers.


We provide Public Speaking Lessons and Acting Lessons in our studio and online. Choose from Private Lessons, Group Classes and Group Workshops. We have locations in Vancouver and Langley, BC, Canada.


The Art of Speech and Drama was created by a graduate of The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) after experiencing first hand the transformational power of speech and drama training. 


Discover powerful and practical techniques that will improve your communication and performance skills and confidence.


Enjoy greater: self-esteem, confidence, creativity, imagination, spontaneity, expressivity, knowledge, persuasiveness, influence, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, and more.


We also offer learners options to earn qualifications with global recognition and respect through LAMDA Examinations


We practice proven techniques used by many exceptional professional communicators and performers across the globe.   


Our empowering approach gently expands people's creativity, expressivity, and confidence. We carefully create and sustain a supportive, encouraging, and explorative learning environment that frees learner's to experiment, take risks, and grow.  


Our teachers are all highly qualified and passionate and teach with great care and respect.


  • Improve your confidence, expressivity and connectivity with important movement, breathing, voice and acting techniques.
  • Manage fear, nerves, and anxiety with empowering performance relaxation techniques.
  • Enhance your presence and openness with imaginative and practical pyscho-physical drama techniques.
  • Strengthen your spontaneity, creativity, and imagination with energizing and exciting improvisation games.
  • Discover how to craft captivating stories by exploring essential story elements, structures and patterns.
  • Practice speaking and performing diverse literature forms such as poetry, speeches, short stories, novels, plays and screenplays.
  • Learn from highly qualified, passionate, and professional performing artists who teach with great care and respect.
  • Option to earn qualifications with global recognition and respect through LAMDA Examinations.

Speech & Drama Lessons

Developing Skilled, Confident & Compelling Communicators & Performers