12 July 2018
Many of us have a tendency to rush when we speak or perform. Nerves and adrenaline often tempt us to slam on the accelerator and race through our speech or performance at breakneck speed in order to get it over with as quickly as possible. Rushing may indeed get it over and done with more quickly, but it muddies meaning and clouds communication. But with practice, we can better control our pace. Here are a few helpful exercises to help you slow down, explore and define nuances.
12 June 2018
Our clothes can affect our feelings and are an important part of our creative process and expression. The degree to which our clothing affects us can vary greatly but we’ve all experienced it. People from across the ages and cultures have experienced the affective and expressive nature of clothing. Most of us can remember playing dress-up games as children; we would put on our families and friends clothing simply for a laugh.
05 June 2018
This is the third part of an exploration of the magnetic quality of openness. The first part looked at the power of permission to become more open. The second part explored the importance of vulnerability. Another important aspect of openness that we can seek to practice is frankness or sincerity. Let’s now explore how sincerity can enchant our audiences. To be sincere means to be “free from deceit or pretence; proceeding from genuine feelings or beliefs.” So, sincerity requires honesty
26 May 2018
Let’s start with how we can be more reachable to our audiences. One of the most important ways we can practice being more reachable to our audiences is by casting off our bulky, clumsy and heavy suits of armour.
18 May 2018
The ability to speak or perform without restriction, with an open mind, heart and body, is magnetic. Openness is a completely captivating quality shared by many exceptional speakers and performers. Cultivating our willingness and ability to be open can drastically transform our communication and performance skills.

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